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Sampling & Submission

Establish a baseline for your variety by testing as frequently as possible,

every 1-2 weeks. More samples submitted means more data to understand your crop and its genetics. See our sampling instructions to help guide you through the process.

Shipping Tips

We recommend shipping all your samples in a dual container system to avoid any shipping or testing delays. If you have any problems with your carrier service, we recommend using this documentation. And remember, 1 bag = 1 sample.

Primary Container

  • Please submit you samples in a reinforced, resealable, labeled containers that are suitable for your product matrix.

  • For glass containers, reinforce screw caps with adhesive tape.

  • Affix a proper label to clearly identify the contents and the sample in the case that multiple samples are submitted.

  • One primary container equals one sample

Secondary Container

  • To prevent breaking or leaking in transit, please reinforce your primary containers properly, e.g. bubble wrap.

  • Use a watertight/leak-proof container or sealable mylar envelope.

  • Reinforce the container using adhesive tape or heat seal.


Note: to send multiple samples at once, each individual sample should be in a single bag or container and well labeled with your sample identification. In the lab, a single bag/container will be a single sample submitted for testing.


Drying Tips

Drying can be performed in the lab, however, this could cause a delay in your results. Here are some ways you can help reduce the lab drying time.

Drying Tips:

  • Try to leave freshly cut plant material out to dry at least overnight. We recommend placing it in the sun until packaging.

  • Place samples in a paper bag to help absorb moisture.